Jeremy Corbyn 'determined to finish job'
Party leader accepts 'share of responsibility' for by-election loss but is "determined" to stay on.

Brexit: Heseltine vows to rebel in Lords bill debate
Senior Tory Lord Heseltine says he will rebel against ministers when peers debate the Brexit bill.

UK terror threat 'at highest since 1970s IRA plots'
A UK watchdog says so-called Islamic State plans "indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians".

London Mayor Sadiq Khan 'not accusing SNP of being racists'
London Mayor Sadiq Khan insists he was not accusing the SNP of being racists or bigots in a trail of his speech to the Scottish Labour conference.

Car buyers should have 'long, hard think' about diesel
The transport secretary suggests drivers should try to buy the least polluting vehicles possible.

Labour leadership: Watson says not the time for a contest
Labour's deputy leader says the party must do better after Thursday's by-election loss.

Scottish Labour's Dugdale pledges to work 'tirelessly' for union
Scotland's Labour leader pledges to work "tirelessly" for the union in any independence vote.

David Miliband 'deeply concerned' for Labour's future
The former foreign secretary says the party is "further from power" than at any time in the last 50 years.

Boris Johnson to visit Egypt for talks with president
The foreign secretary hails the economic ties between the UK and Egypt before meeting President Sisi.

Theresa May celebrates 'astounding' Copeland poll win
Theresa May celebrates Tory victory in Copeland as Jeremy Corbyn insists he will carry on despite Labour's "disappointing" loss.

Jeremy Corbyn: 'I will not step down' over poll loss
Labour leader says he will not step down after Copeland poll defeat, saying he has been elected twice.

EU vote campaign spending probed
Watchdog launches investigation into spending returns of Remain and Leave campaigns in EU referendum.

Former Home Secretary Lord Waddington dies at age of 87
Lord Waddington, who was home secretary under Margaret Thatcher, dies at the age of 87.

Violence against women bill dedicated to rape victim
An MP dedicates a bill to tackle violence against women to a constituent who was brutally raped.

DUP confirms 435,000 Brexit donation
The DUP confirms it received a Brexit donation of about 435,000 from a group of pro-union business people.

Nigel Farage 'frightened' to go outside as UKIP is 'demonised'
The former UKIP leader says he will never forgive the media for years of trying to "demonise" him.

UKIP by-election win 'could take years'
After losing to Labour in Stoke, UKIP chairman Paul Oakden says it could be a long road to Westminster.

Tories in historic by-election Copeland win as Labour holds Stoke
The Conservatives take Cumbrian seat from Labour but the opposition holds off UKIP in Stoke Central.

Net migration to UK falls by 49,000
Net migration to the UK has fallen to 273,000 - the lowest level in two years.

Dugdale: 'I have every faith in Corbyn'
Kezia Dugdale says she has faith in Jeremy Corbyn despite the party losing the Copeland by-election to the Conservatives.

Jim Shannon cries recalling cousin's death to MPs
DUP MP Jim Shannon cries in the House of Commons during a debate about the prosecution of security force members.

Brexit: EU backs Dublin on open Northern Ireland border
The EU Commission chief says Brexit must not re-impose Northern Ireland border controls.

Labour problems
Labour's defeat in Copeland illustrates three inter-linked problems facing the party.

Lost hopes
Labour's new MP for Stoke Central claims "the politics of hope" triumphed in the by-election, but is he right?

Reality Check
Was the last comparable by-election to Copeland 139 years ago?

France loves you
French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron tells French Londoners to come home in pre-election rally.

Reality check
Aggregate figures exclude inflation and an adjustment for successful appeals.

Jonathan Marcus
Vice-President Mike Pence represents the new Donald Trump administration at the Munich Security Conference.

'Block him out'
Abuse victim hails MP's attempt to let people add mothers' names to the marriage register.

Reality Check
How do the former prime minister's assertions stack up?

Keeping order
It may no longer be the most dangerous job in politics, but being Commons Speaker is always fraught with controversy.

They said what?
What is the best way to counter the rise of the fake political quote?

Labour's Watson: Party 'has to do better'
Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson says the party has to "do better" and needs to "deal with the issues that divide us".

Copeland by-election: Theresa May visits new Tory MP
Prime Minister Theresa May has been on a flying visit to Cumbria to welcome her newest MP.

Stephen Bush: The by-elections aren't the end of Corbyn
Stephen Bush from the New Statesman says the by-election results are not the end for Jeremy Corbyn.

Copeland by-election speech from Conservative Trudy Harrison
Trudy Harrison will be the first Conservative MP for the Copeland constituency.

Stoke Central by-election speech from Labour's Gareth Snell
Labour's Gareth Snell wins Stoke Central, with UKIP's Paul Nuttall second.

UKIP's Carswell denies blocking Farage knighthood
UKIP’s only MP Douglas Carswell has denied blocking a knighthood for his former leader Nigel Farage.

Emma Barnett on the political week with a touch of Abba
BBC Radio 5 Live's Emma Barnett celebrates Sweden as she goes back over headlines of the political week.

Jeremy Corbyn 'disappointed' by Copeland by-election result
The Labour leader has vowed he will fight on, and hailed his party's victory in Stoke.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union following the 23 June referendum vote.

Shadow cabinet: The comings and goings under Corbyn, and the current line-up
Labour's top team has had several incarnations of late, and high turnover in four particular roles.

Who's Who: Theresa May's cabinet
Theresa May is forming her government after becoming prime minister. Who is in - and out - of her first cabinet?

Stoke by-election guide
A preview of the 23 February vote where Labour is looking to see off a UKIP challenge.

Copeland by-election at-a-glance guide
As party leaders head to Copeland in Cumbria, here is a guide to the by-election taking place on 23 February.

The Jeremy Corbyn Story: Profile of Labour leader
A profile of Jeremy Corbyn - the radical left wing MP who has now seen off a challenge to his leadership of the Labour Party.

Political party conferences 2016: At-a-glance guide
The best bits from the 2016 party conference season.

Who's staying and who's going in the shadow cabinet?
A string of members of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet have quit and Hilary Benn has been sacked. Who has gone and who remains? Here's a quick guide.

At-a-glance: Guide to Labour 2016 conference agenda
An at-a-glance guide to Labour's 2016 party conference agenda.

The result in maps and charts
How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?

Who is Michel Barnier? Meet the EU's chief Brexit negotiator
Michel Barnier, who has moved seamlessly between jobs in Paris and Brussels, is the EU's chief Brexit negotiator.

'Indyref 2' being pushed online
As the EU referendum count turned decisively towards Leave, the online conversation in Scotland immediately turned to the possibility of another vote on independence.

Five models for post-Brexit UK trade
Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Singapore? What approach should the UK take to trade deals with the EU and others, once it leaves the European bloc?

England's most pro and anti-EU boroughs
The vote in England exposes huge differences between the levels of support for the Remain and Leave campaigns in London and the rest of the country.

In pictures
Images of the historic day when millions of people across the UK voted in a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU.

Who's who: Cabinet
What we know about the make-up of David Cameron's new cabinet

Labour reshuffle: Diane Abbott made shadow home secretary
Diane Abbott becomes shadow home secretary as part of a Labour front bench reshuffle but critics say it has failed to unify the party.