Miliband 2.5bn pledge 'to save NHS'
Ed Miliband tells the Labour conference he wants to recruit 36,000 NHS doctors, nurses and other health staff - partly funded by a tax on tobacco firms and expensive homes.

Cameron in UN talks over IS action
David Cameron is holding talks at the UN to see "what more the UK can do" to help international efforts "to tackle the threat we all face" from Islamic State.

PM: Queen purred over Scotland vote
The Queen "purred" when David Cameron told her about Scotland's rejection of independence referendum, he apparently reveals.

Agreement on new powers 'not easy'
The head of the new commission on delivering more powers to Scotland has warned it will "not be easy" to get agreement from the Scottish parties.

Scotland 'the winner' after vote
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond says "all of Scotland will emerge as the winner" following the vote against independence.

Labour: Put rail passengers first
Labour pledges to put "passengers before profit" in the railways amid calls for the network to be renationalised.

Cameron to hold talks with Iran
David Cameron is to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani - the first time a UK prime minister has met an Iranian president since the Iran's revolution in 1979.

Hague urges 'English votes' action
William Hague says the case for English devolution "cannot be avoided" any longer and suggested it could become a major issue at next year's election.

Balls outlines 'first Budget' agenda
Ed Balls says he will increase the minimum wage, bring in a mansion tax, freeze child benefit and axe the "bedroom tax" in his first Budget if Labour wins power.

Labour vow to boost NHS spending
Labour would boost NHS spending via a so-called "mansion tax" on the most expensive homes, the BBC understands.

Blair: Don't rule out ground troops
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says the West should not rule out sending ground troops to the Middle East to fight Islamic State militants.

No 10 stands by Scots powers pledge
Downing Street insists it will not backtrack on its devolution pledge to Scotland despite Tory calls for swift action on more powers for English MPs.

Shadow ministers facing cull
Labour leader Ed Miliband will have to sack one in five of his frontbenchers if he wins next year's general election with an overall majority.

Clegg 'spits contempt for Labour'
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg hates the Labour too much to form a coalition with it, says the party's Angela Eagle.

Labour 'must debate devolution now'
Ex-Labour cabinet minister Ben Bradshaw urges his party to set up a constitutional convention now to discuss English devolution.

Robinson rejigs DUP Stormont team
The DUP's Edwin Poots and Nelson McCausland are being replaced as Stormont ministers, party leader Peter Robinson announces.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Miliband: 'Country nearly broke up'
Ed Miliband tells his party's conference that politicians have "a responsibility" to explain why 45% of voters in Scotland backed independence.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

104k public cash lost in bank fraud
Public funds totalling 104,000 were paid into a fraudulent bank account and are "highly unlikely" to be recovered, a Welsh assembly committee hears.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Is devolution genie out of bottle?
The government wants to use the impetus of the Scottish referendum to start negotiating with the English regions - but few expect it to be a fast process.

Scots answers and English questions
Cameron says "devo-max" for Scotland must be balanced by "empowering the great cities'. What price now for Devo England?

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VIDEO: House of Commons
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Q&A: Beginner's guide to PM's speech
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VIDEO: 'I met somebody called Elizabeth'
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VIDEO: Team Scotland 'saved our country'
Ed Miliband says the Team Scotland of Labour politicians "helped save our country" in the Scottish independence vote.

VIDEO: Labour supports 'action against IS'
Ed Miliband opens his conference speech talking about the British aid convoy volunteer kidnapped by Islamic State.

VIDEO: Backbench view of UK role in air strikes
MPs John Baron and John Woodcock on possible UK military action against Islamic State and a recall of Parliament.

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An unscientific test with a box and plastic balls gets reaction from Labour delegates on Gordon Brown's future.

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The three main parties at Westminster have promised to devolve more powers to Holyrood following last week's referendum in Scotland.

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