Douglas Carswell quitting UKIP to become independent MP for Clacton
The party's only MP says he is quitting to become an independent and says he is doing so "amicably".

London attack: Parliament security under review
Review under way amid debate over whether police officers guarding Parliament should be routinely armed.

High cost credit products must be tackled, say Lords
The Financial Exclusion Committee says banks are failing the customers who need them the most.

Brexit 'clears way' for German domination claims Heseltine
Germany "lost" World War Two but is now being helped to "win the peace", veteran Tory politician says.

Brexit: Civil service 'needs more staff'
National Audit Office warns hundreds of posts are unfilled days before Brexit talks are triggered.

MPs may face new rules on second jobs
Ethics watchdog to review MP code of conduct in wake of George Osborne's new job as newspaper editor.

Council elections attracted most voter fraud reports
An increase in people voting under someone else's name contributes to a rise in voter fraud reports to police.

London attack: Police appeal for information on Khalid Masood
Police seek the public's help in establishing if Westminster attacker Khalid Masood acted alone.

London attack: 'Final' photo of murdered PC Keith Palmer emerges
A new photo of PC Keith Palmer outside Parliament emerges, taken just 45 minutes before he died.

London attack: Home secretary says don't blame intelligence agencies
Home Secretary says the intelligence agencies can't monitor everyone known to them round the clock.

MP James Cleverly pays tribute to PC Keith Palmer
Conservative MP James Cleverly, who knew PC Keith Palmer, pays an emotional tribute in the Commons.

London attack: Khalid Masood identified as killer
Khalid Masood is identified as the man who carried out the attack, as the death toll rises to five.

London attack: Theresa May tells MPs 'we'll never waver'
MPs pay tribute to Wednesday's victims and the PM says "we saw the best and worst of humanity".

McGuinness 'was a freedom fighter, not a terrorist'
Thousands of mourners hear Gerry Adams eulogise "freedom fighter" Martin McGuinness.

Call for 'decently paid' maternity leave
The TUC says UK mothers may get a reasonable amount of maternity leave but get a poorer deal on pay.

Former Castle Point MP charged with electoral fraud
Former Castle Point MP is accused of submitting false signatures on nomination papers.

Sinn Féin opposes extension to Stormont talks deadline
Gerry Adams says the party opposes extending the Stormont talks deadline and any suspension of the Assembly.

London attack: Nuttall says cut out radical Islam cancer
UKIP's leader sparks anger after he urges Muslims to "cut out the cancer of radical Islam".

'Hero' MP Tobias Ellwood tried to save stabbed officer
The government minister gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the fatally injured police officer.

Homelessness Reduction Bill to become law
The bill, which increases the protections available to people at risk of homelessness, passes its final parliamentary hurdle.

London attack: May condemns 'sick and depraved terrorist attack'
The prime minister says people will go on with their lives as normal and Parliament will continue to meet.

Scottish independence referendum debate to resume next Tuesday
Scotland's political leaders condemn the terror attack at Westminster and speak out against division.

Nicola Sturgeon sees 'sense of solidarity' with London after attack
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expresses her concern for those caught up in the terrorist attack at Westminster.

No deal
Theresa May and EU leaders say they are hopeful of reaching a Brexit deal - what if they don't?

Attack vigil
The people of London and visitors to the city come together to remember the people who lost their lives.

Bastions of democracy
An attacker tried and failed to access Westminster - so what is security like in Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Washington DC?

Heroes who helped
There has been praise for the bravery of the emergency services and the public in the wake of the attack.

What is Article 50?
Theresa May says she will trigger Article 50 by the end of March - starting Brexit negotiations.

Great Repeal Bill
The government says EU law will no longer apply in the UK after Brexit - how will it achieve this?

Business rules
The supporters and opponents of the City of London's unusual electoral system.

Across the Channel
Everything you need to know about the French presidential election.

What is Labour's future?
What's at stake for Labour as senior figures trade blows over links between Momentum and the Unite union?

Reality Check
The prime minister claims spending is at record levels but the National Audit Office says schools will have to make 3bn in cuts.

Expenses row
The Conservatives have been fined 70,000 for breaking election expenses rules - what does it mean and what happens next?

A record breaker
Philip Hammond's National Insurance U-turn may be the quickest ever - here are the other contenders.

UKIP's Douglas Carswell: Why I won't trigger a by-election
UKIP's Douglas Carswell is quitting the party to become an independent MP and says he will not trigger a by-election.

Philip Davies MP: My 16,000 Twitter followers hate me
Conservative MP for Shipley says going on Twitter was "probably one of the worst things I ever did".

Jean-Claude Juncker: EU will negotiate in 'friendly and fair way'
As Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50, Katya Adler speaks to Jean-Claude Juncker about Brexit.

London attack: Theresa May evacuated from Westminster
Footage obtained by the Sun shows Theresa May being hurried to safety during Wednesday's attack.

Daily Politics: The political week in 60 seconds
A round-up of the political week with the Daily Politics' Emma Vardy.

Ex GCHQ chief: It's not a question 'whether' attacks take place but 'when'
Former head of GCHQ says attacks like those on Westminster are inevitable

Arming police officers not the 'solution'
Could the Westminster attack have been avoided?

Which EU member makes the most cars?
A look at Slovakia's booming car industry and the prospects for post-Brexit trade.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union following the 23 June referendum vote.

Who's Who: Theresa May's cabinet
Theresa May is forming her government after becoming prime minister. Who is in - and out - of her first cabinet?

Shadow cabinet: The comings and goings under Corbyn, and the current line-up
Labour's top team has had several incarnations of late, and high turnover in four particular roles.

Stoke by-election guide
A preview of the 23 February vote where Labour is looking to see off a UKIP challenge.

Copeland by-election at-a-glance guide
As party leaders head to Copeland in Cumbria, here is a guide to the by-election taking place on 23 February.

The Jeremy Corbyn Story: Profile of Labour leader
A profile of Jeremy Corbyn - the radical left wing MP who has now seen off a challenge to his leadership of the Labour Party.

Political party conferences 2016: At-a-glance guide
The best bits from the 2016 party conference season.

Who's staying and who's going in the shadow cabinet?
A string of members of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet have quit and Hilary Benn has been sacked. Who has gone and who remains? Here's a quick guide.

At-a-glance: Guide to Labour 2016 conference agenda
An at-a-glance guide to Labour's 2016 party conference agenda.

The result in maps and charts
How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?

Who is Michel Barnier? Meet the EU's chief Brexit negotiator
Michel Barnier, who has moved seamlessly between jobs in Paris and Brussels, is the EU's chief Brexit negotiator.

'Indyref 2' being pushed online
As the EU referendum count turned decisively towards Leave, the online conversation in Scotland immediately turned to the possibility of another vote on independence.

Five models for post-Brexit UK trade
Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Singapore? What approach should the UK take to trade deals with the EU and others, once it leaves the European bloc?

England's most pro and anti-EU boroughs
The vote in England exposes huge differences between the levels of support for the Remain and Leave campaigns in London and the rest of the country.

In pictures
Images of the historic day when millions of people across the UK voted in a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU.

Who's who: Cabinet
What we know about the make-up of David Cameron's new cabinet

Labour reshuffle: Diane Abbott made shadow home secretary
Diane Abbott becomes shadow home secretary as part of a Labour front bench reshuffle but critics say it has failed to unify the party.