Hinkley Point: EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz urges go-ahead
The energy company hoping to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset pleads with the government to give it the go-ahead.

Lord Janner case: Family want child sex abuse inquiry delay
The family of the late Labour peer Lord Janner are demanding the public inquiry into child abuse postpones its plan to examine the allegations against him.

Theresa May launches race audit of public services
Theresa May orders a review to expose any inequalities in the way ethnic minorities and white working class people are treated by public services such as the NHS, schools and the criminal justice system.

Export ban placed on Queen Victoria's wedding coronet
A temporary export ban has been placed on a sapphire and diamond coronet that belonged to Queen Victoria, preventing it from being sold abroad.

UK could remain in 'looser' EU - Lord O'Donnell
A former head of the civil service says the UK could remain in a "more loosely aligned" EU - but he says the EU is unlikely to make such radical changes.

Labour leadership: Smith pledges to scrap tuition fees
Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith sets out his plans to scrap university tuition fees in an effort to win over the youth vote from current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn urges probe into excluded voters
Jeremy Corbyn fears some people have been "unfairly" barred from voting in Labour's leadership election and has asked party officials to investigate.

UN blames UK politicians for Brexit hate crime spike
"Anti-immigrant" rhetoric by UK politicians during the EU referendum helped to fuel a spike in race hate crimes before and after the vote, a UN body says.

Labour signs deal with conference security firm
The Labour Party signs up a company to provide security at its conference meaning the event will go ahead as planned.

Greens' Caroline Lucas proposes Labour election pact
Green MP and leadership contender Caroline Lucas raises the prospect of an electoral pact with other parties as counting gets under way in the contest.

Labour leadership: Smith claims Corbyn 'happy' about Brexit vote
Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith claims during a hustings in Glasgow that Jeremy Corbyn was "happy" about the UK voting to leave the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn pledges extra arts cash for schools
All primary schools in England would get extra resources to fund arts programmes under plans unveiled by Jeremy Corbyn at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Hinkley Point C nuclear plant not essential - think tank
The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is "not essential" for the UK to meet its energy and climate change targets, says a think tank.

UK economic growth driven by shoppers in second quarter
Strong growth in spending by consumers helped to drive the UK economy ahead of the Brexit vote, official figures show.

NHS cuts 'planned across England'
Plans are being drawn up that could see cuts to NHS services across England, including ward closures, according to draft documents seen by the BBC.

NI minister 'should have stepped aside'
Arlene Foster says the finance minister should have stepped aside while the Nama witness coaching scandal was investigated.

Prisons face influx of older inmates, official projections suggest
Britain's prisons face an increase in elderly inmates - partly due to more convictions for historical sexual offences, a government report says.

Labour AM warns of threat to devolution in Brexit vote wake
Disillusionment with politicians shown by the vote to leave the European Union could pose a threat to the assembly, a Labour AM warns.

Parents face charges for 'free' childcare, nurseries warn
Parents in England who claim extra free childcare will be asked to pay charges to help make up for a funding shortfall, nurseries taking part in a pilot scheme warn.

Councils 'should monitor academy cash'
Academy budgets should be overseen by local authorities following a series of financial abuses, say council leaders.

Poland overtakes India as country of origin, UK migration statistics show
Poland overtakes India as the most common country of birth for UK immigrants as new statistics show estimated net migration remains close to record levels.

G4S 'rejects Labour conference security offer'
Security company G4S says it has rejected a last-minute approach by Labour to cover its annual conference.

Lord Sainsbury gives to Labour and Lib Dems
New donation figures from the Electoral Commission show businessman Lord Sainsbury gave over 2m to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

UKIP's Diane James: Why I'm not offering new policies
MEP Diane James, one of the candidates bidding to become UKIP's next leader, says she is not putting forward any policies as part of her campaign.

Nigel Farage to be played by comic Kevin Bishop in one-off comedy
Comedian Kevin Bishop is to play Nigel Farage in a one-off comedy and describes the outgoing UKIP leader as a "gift to parody".

Immigration: Brexit an opportunity to fix 'broken' system
Leaving the EU is an opportunity to fix the UK's "broken" immigration system and restore public confidence in controlled migration, a report says.

Derek Mackay: Deficit 'would not bar Scotland from EU'
Scotland's 15bn deficit would not disqualify the country from EU membership, says Finance Secretary Derek Mackay.

Jeremy Corbyn angered by train seat row questions
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reacts angrily to questions about whether he ignored empty seats before filming a piece about overcrowded trains.

Brexit to-do list
Battling ministers, the search for staff and working out what kind of deal to go for - how the Whitehall machine is gearing up for Brexit.

Brexit Watch
The UK voted to leave the European Union in a referendum on 23 June. Here's your daily summer briefing of all the latest Brexit-related news.

Split decision
How does Scotland view the UK Labour leadership contest?

Seaside view
What's the first word that comes into your mind when you think of UKIP? It's probably not seaweed.

From the archives
The latest release of previously secret Foreign Office papers from the 1980s reveals a humorous footnote to the British government's ambivalent attitude towards Nelson Mandela.

Green and gone?
Outgoing Green Party leader Natalie Bennett on Jeremy Corbyn, group hugs, "brain freeze" and four years of "stupid" media questions.

Dominic O'Connell
Why did Sir Richard Branson plunge into a row with Jeremy Corbyn - and why nearly a week after the incident?

Policy pledges
Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith have both set out their stalls to become the next Labour leader - here's where they stand on the key issues.

Green contenders
Who are the candidates standing to lead the Green Party in England and Wales?

Political Tinder
Will smartphone apps encourage more young people to go to the polls?

Swiss dilemma
Brexit complicates Swiss efforts to reach a deal with the EU on immigration, the BBC's Imogen Foulkes writes.

Divided loyalties
What does the prospect of Brexit mean for Scotland's Eurosceptic nationalists?

Farming support
The weaker pound since the UK’s Brexit vote means euro-denominated EU farming subsidies could worth 15% more to British farmers next year. But the boost may be a short-term one.

Profile: The Owen Smith story
A political profile of the man Labour MPs have selected to take on Jeremy Corbyn in a Labour leadership contest.

Who are the Corbynistas?
BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith spends the day with some Labour members in Leeds and finds little evidence of waning support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The Theresa May story
A profile of Theresa May, the UK's new Prime Minister.

I wouldn't 'rush' to invoke Article 50 - Lord O'Donnell
Former head of the civil service says leaving the EU will take a long time.

Jeremy Corbyn 'concerned' over voter exclusion claims
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is "very concerned" that some people may have been "unfairly" barred from voting in the party's leadership election.

Duncan Smith 'certain' of Brexit trigger in new year
Brexit campaigner Iain Duncan Smith on triggering Article 50.

What is the point of UKIP now?
What is the point of UKIP now the UK has voted to leave the EU? Chris Mason reports from Broadstairs in Kent, where UKIP run the local council.

Jeremy Corbyn angered by questions about train seat row
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn angered by media questions about claims he was not able to get a seat on a Virgin Train.

Could BBC reporter find a seat on Corbyn train?
A BBC reporter catches the train at the centre of the Jeremy Corbyn "traingate" row to see how easy it is to find a seat.

Owen Smith denies calling Jeremy Corbyn a 'lunatic'
Owen Smith denies calling Jeremy Corbyn a "lunatic" but the Labour leadership challenger says he's sorry if he offended anyone by using the word.

Yes Minister writer: Series sounded dull
Jonathan Lynn pays tribute to his Yes Minister co-writer Sir Antony Jay, who has died

Guide to the Labour leader contest
Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith are competing for the Labour leadership. Here's a guide to the timetable and rules of the contest- and what sparked it.

Theresa May's cabinet: Who's in and who's out?
Theresa May is forming her government after becoming prime minister. Who is in - and out - of her first cabinet?

Who's staying and who's going in the shadow cabinet?
A string of members of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet have quit and Hilary Benn has been sacked. Who has gone and who remains? Here's a quick guide.

Brexit: What happens now?
The UK has voted to leave the EU. Here is what is likely to happen next.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union following the 23 June referendum vote.

The result in maps and charts
How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?

'Indyref 2' being pushed online
As the EU referendum count turned decisively towards Leave, the online conversation in Scotland immediately turned to the possibility of another vote on independence.

Five models for post-Brexit UK trade
Norway, Switzerland, Canada or Singapore? What approach should the UK take to trade deals with the EU and others, once it leaves the European bloc?

England's most pro and anti-EU boroughs
The vote in England exposes huge differences between the levels of support for the Remain and Leave campaigns in London and the rest of the country.

In pictures
Images of the historic day when millions of people across the UK voted in a referendum on whether the UK should remain in or leave the EU.

Who's who: Cabinet
What we know about the make-up of David Cameron's new cabinet