House of Lords
A list of Members of the House of Lords,
together with political affiliations where applicable.

Con Conservative Lab Labour
Dem Liberal Democrat XB Crossbench

Composition of the Lords (February 2013)
162 Life Peers
48 Hereditary

216 Life Peers
4 Hereditary

Liberal Democrat:
85 Life Peers
4 Hereditary

150 Life Peers
31 Hereditary

Archbishops & Bishops:

33 Life Peers
1 Hereditary

Note: The list above excludes 39 peers on leave of absence, 10 disqualified
as senior members of the judiciary and 1 disqualified as an MEP

Aberdare, Alastair, Lord (XB)
Adams of Craigielea, Irene, Baroness (Lab)
Addington, Dominic, Lord (Dem)
Adebowale, Victor, Lord (XB)
Adonis, Andrew, Lord (Lab)
Afshar, Haleh, Baroness (XB)
Ahmad of Wimbledon, Tariq, Lord (Con)
Ahmed, Nazir, Lord (Other)
Alderdice, John, Lord (Dem)
Allan of Hallam, Lord (Dem)
Allenby of Megiddo, Michael, Viscount (XB)
Alli, Waheed, Lord (Lab)
Alliance, David, Lord (Dem)
Alton of Liverpool, David, Lord (XB)
Amos, Valerie, Baroness (Other)
Anderson of Swansea, Donald, Lord (Lab)
Andrews, Kay, Baroness (Lab)
Anelay of St Johns, Baroness (Con)
Archer of Weston-Super-Mare, Jeffrey, Lord (Other)
Armstrong of Hill Top, Hilary, Baroness (Lab)
Armstrong of Ilminster, Robert, Lord (XB)
Arran, Arthur, Earl of (Con)
Ashcroft, Michael, Lord (Con)
Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, Paddy, Lord (Dem)
Ashton of Hyde, Lord (Con)
Astor, William, Viscount (Con)
Astor of Hever, John, Lord (Con)
Attlee, John, Earl (Con)
Avebury, Eric, Lord (Dem)

Bach, William, Lord (Lab)
Baker of Dorking, Kenneth, Lord (Con)
Bakewell, Joan, Baroness (Lab)
Baldwin of Bewdley, Edward, Earl (XB)
Ballyedmond, Edward, Lord (Con)
Bannside, Ian Paisley, Lord (Other)
Barker, Elizabeth, Baroness (Dem)
Barnett, Joel, Lord (Lab)
Bassam of Brighton, Steve, Lord (Lab)
Bates, Michael Lord (Con)
Bath and Wells, Bishop of
Beecham, Jeremy, Lord (Lab)
Bell, Timothy, Lord (Con)
Benjamin, Floella, Baroness (Dem)
Berkeley, Anthony, Lord (Lab)
Berridge, Elizabeth, Baroness (Con)
Best, Richard, Lord (XB)
Bew, Paul, Lord (XB)
Bhatia, Amiralii, Lord (Other)
Bhattacharyya, Sushanta, Lord (Lab)
Bichard, Michael, Lord (XB)
Bilimoria, Karan, Lord (XB)
Billingham, Angela, Baroness (Lab)
Bilston, Dennis, Lord (Lab)
Birmingham, Bishop of
Birt, John, Lord (XB)
Black of Brentwood, Guy, Lord (Con)
Blackstone, Tessa, Baroness (Lab)
Blackwell, Norman, Lord (Con)
Blair of Boughton, Ian, Lord (XB)
Blencathra, David Maclean, Lord (Con)
Blood, May, Baroness (Lab)
Boateng, Paul, Lord (Lab)
Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury, Jane, Baroness (Dem)
Boothroyd, Betty, Baroness (XB)
Borrie, Gordon, Lord (Lab)
Boswell of Aynho, Timothy, Lord (Other)
Bottomley of Nettleston, Virginia, Baroness (Con)
Bowness, Peter, Lord (Con)
Boyce, Michael, Lord (XB)
Brabazon of Tara, Ivon, Lord (Other)
Bradley, Keith, Lord (Lab)
Bradshaw, William, Lord (Dem)
Bragg, Melvyn, Lord (Lab)
Brennan, Daniel, Lord (Lab)
Bridgeman, Robin, Viscount (Con)
Brinton, Sal, Baroness (Dem)
Bristol, Bishop of
Brittan of Spennithorne, Leon, Lord (Con)
Broers, Alec, Lord (XB)
Brooke of Alverthorpe, Clive, Lord (Lab)
Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, Peter, Lord (Con)
Brookeborough, Alan, Viscount (XB)
Brookman, David, Lord (Lab)
Brooks of Tremorfa, John, Lord (Lab)
Brougham and Vaux, Michael, Lord (Con)
Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Simon, Lord (XB)
Browne of Belmont, Wallace, Lord (Other)
Browne of Ladyton, Des, Lord (Lab)
Browne of Madingley, John, Lord (XB)
Browne-Wilkinson, Nicolas, Lord (XB)
Browning, Angela, Baroness (Con)
Burnett, John, Lord (Dem)
Burns, Terence, Lord (XB)
Buscombe, Peta, Baroness (Con)
Butler of Brockwell, Robin, Lord (XB)
Butler-Sloss, Elizabeth, Baroness (XB)
Byford, Hazel, Baroness (Con)

Caithness, Malcolm, Earl of (Con)
Cameron of Dillington, Ewen, Lord (XB)
Cameron of Lochbroom, Kenneth, Lord (XB)
Campbell of Alloway, Alan, Lord (Con)
Campbell of Loughborough, Baroness (XB)
Campbell of Surbiton, Jane, Baroness (XB)
Campbell-Savours, Dale, Lord (Lab)
Carey of Clifton, George, Lord (XB)
Carlile of Berriew, Alexander, Lord (Dem)
Carrington, Peter, Lord (Con)
Carswell, Robert, Lord (XB)
Carter of Barnes, Stephen, Lord (Lab)
Carter of Coles, Patrick, Lord (Lab)
Cathcart, Charles, Earl (Con)
Cavendish of Furness, Richard, Lord (Con)
Chadlington, Peter Gummer, Lord (Con)
Chalker of Wallasey, Lynda, Baroness (Con)
Chandos, Thomas Lyttleton, Viscount (Lab)
Chester, Bishop of
Chidgey, David, Lord (Dem)
Chorley, Roger, Lord (XB)
Christopher, Anthony, Lord (Lab)
Clancarty, Nicholas Trench, Earl (XB)
Clark of Windermere, David, Lord (Lab)
Clarke of Hampstead, Anthony, Lord (Lab)
Clement-Jones, Timothy, Lord (Dem)
Clinton-Davis, Stanley, Lord (Lab)
Cobbold, David, Lord (XB)
Coe, Sebastian, Lord (Con)
Cohen of Pimlico, Janet, Baroness (Lab)
Collins of Highbury, Ray, Lord (Lab)
Collins of Mapesbury, Lawrence, Lord (Other)
Colville of Culross, Viscount (XB)
Colwyn, Anthony Hamilton-Smith, Lord (Con)
Condon, Paul, Lord (XB)
Cope of Berkeley, John, Lord (Con)
Cormack, Patrick, Lord (Con)
Corston, Jean, Baroness (Lab)
Cotter, Brian, Lord (Dem)
Courtown, James Stopford, Earl of (Con)
Coussins, Jean, Baroness (XB)
Coventry, Bishop of
Cox, Caroline, Baroness (XB)
Craig of Radley, David, Lord (XB)
Craigavon, Janric Craig, Viscount (XB)
Crathorne, Charles Dugdale, Lord (Con)
Crawley, Christine, Baroness (Lab)
Crickhowell, Nicholas Edwards, Lord (Con)
Crisp, Nigel, Lord (XB)
Cullen of Whitekirk, Douglas Cullen, Lord (XB)
Cumberlege, Julia, Baroness (Con)
Cunningham of Felling, Jack, Lord (Lab)
Currie of Marylebone, David, Lord (XB)
Curry of Kirkharle, Lord (XB)

Dannatt, Richard, Lord (XB)
Darzi of Denham, Ara, Lord (Lab)
Davidson of Glen Clova, Neil, Lord (Lab)
Davies of Abersoch, Mervyn, Lord (Lab)
Davies of Coity, Garfield, Lord (Lab)
Davies of Oldham, Bryan, Lord (Lab)
Davies of Stamford, Quentin, Lord (Lab)
De Mauley, Rupert Ponsonby, Lord (Con)
Dean of Thornton-Le-Fylde, Brenda, Baroness (Lab)
Dear, Geoffrey James, Lord (XB)
Deben, John Gummer, Lord (Con)
Deech, Ruth, Baroness (XB)
Deighton of Carshalton, Lord (Con)
Denham, Bertram Bowyer, Lord (Con)
Derby, Bishop of
Desai, Meghnad, Lord (Lab)
Dholakia, Navnit, Lord (Dem)
Dixon, Donald, Lord (Lab)
Dixon-Smith, Robert, Lord (Con)
Dobbs, Michael, Lord (Con)
Donaghy, Rita, Baroness (Lab)
Donoughue, Bernard, Lord (Lab)
Doocey, Dee, Baroness (Dem)
Drake, Jeannie, Baroness (Lab)
Drayson, Paul, Lord (Lab)
D’Souza, Francis, Baroness (Other)
Dubs, Alfred, Lord (Lab)
Dundee, Alexander, Earl of (Con)
Dykes, Lord (Dem)

Eames, Robert, Lord (XB)
Eaton, Margaret, Baroness (Con)
Eatwell, John, Lord (Lab)
Eccles, John, Viscount (Con)
Eccles of Moulton, Diana, Baroness (Con)
Eden of Winton, John, Lord (Con)
Edmiston, Robert, Lord (Con)
Elder, Thomas, Lord (Lab)
Elis-Thomas, Dafydd, Lord (Other)
Elton, Rodney, Lord (Con)
Elystan-Morgan, Dafydd, Lord (XB)
Emerton, Audrey, Baroness (XB)
Empey, Reg, Lord (Other)
Erroll, Merlin, Earl of (XB)
Evans of Parkside, John, Lord (Lab)
Evans of Temple Guiting, Matthew, Lord (Lab)
Evans of Watford, David, Lord (Lab)
Exeter, Bishop of
Ezra, Derek, Lord (Dem)

Falconer of Thoroton, Charles, Lord (Lab)
Falkender, Marcia, Baroness (Lab)
Falkland, Lucius, Viscount (XB)
Falkner of Margravine, Kishwer, Baroness (Dem)
Farrington of Ribbleton, Josephine, Baroness (Lab)
Faulkner of Worcester, Richard, Lord (Lab)
Faulks, Edward, Lord (Con)
Fearn, Ronald, Lord (Dem)
Feldman of Elstree, Andrew, Lord (Con)
Feldman, Basil, Lord (Con)
Fellowes of West Stafford, Julian, Lord (Con)
Fellowes, Robert, Lord (XB)
Filkin, David, Lord (Lab)
Fink, Stanley, Lord (Con)
Finlay of Llandaff, Ilora, Baroness (XB)
Flather, Shreela, Baroness (XB)
Flight, Howard, Lord (Con)
Fookes, Janet, Baroness (Con)
Ford, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Forsyth of Drumlean, Michael, Lord (Con)
Foster of Bishop Auckland, Derek, Lord (Lab)
Foulkes of Cumnock, George, Lord (Lab)
Fowler, Norman, Lord (Con)
Framlingham, Michael, Lord (Con)
Fraser of Carmyllie, Peter, Lord (Con)
Freeman, Roger, Lord (Con)
Freud, David, Lord (Con)
Freyberg, Valerian, Lord (XB)
Fritchie, Rennie, Baroness (XB)

Gale, Anita, Baroness (Lab)
Garden of Frognal, Susan, Baroness (Dem)
Gardiner of Kimble, Lord (Con)
Gardner of Parkes, Trixie, Baroness (Con)
Garel-Jones, Tristan, Lord (Con)
Gavron, Robert, Lord (Lab)
Geddes, Euan, Lord (Con)
German, Michael, Lord (Dem)
Gibson of Market Rasen, Anne, Baroness (Lab)
Giddens, Anthony, Lord (Lab)
Gilbert, John, Lord (Lab)
Glasgow, Earl of (Dem)
Glasman, Maurice, Lord (Lab)
Glenarthur, Simon Arthur, Lord (Con)
Glendonbrook, Michael Bishop, Lord (Con)
Glentoran, Robin Dixon, Lord (Con)
Gloucester, Bishop of
Gold, David, Lord (Con)
Golding, Llinos, Baroness (Lab)
Goldsmith, Peter, Lord (Lab)
Goodhart, William, Lord (Dem)
Goodlad, Alastair, Lord (Con)
Gordon of Strathblane, James, Lord (Lab)
Goschen, Giles, Viscount (Con)
Goudie, Mary, Baroness (Lab)
Gould of Potternewton, Joyce, Baroness (Lab)
Grabiner, Anthony, Lord (Lab)
Grade of Yarmouth, Michael, Lord (Con)
Graham of Edmonton, Edward, Lord (Lab)
Grantchester, Christopher Suenson-Taylor, Lord (Lab)
Greaves, Anthony, Lord (Dem)
Green of Hurstpierpoint, Stephen, Lord (Con)
Greenfield, Susan, Baroness (XB)
Greengross, Sally, Baroness (XB)
Greenway, Ambrose, Lord (XB)
Grenfell, Julian, Lord (Lab)
Grey-Thompson, Tanni, Baroness (XB)
Griffiths of Burry Port, Leslie, Lord (Lab)
Griffiths of Fforestfach, Brian, Lord (Con)
Grocott, Bruce, Lord (Lab)
Guildford, Bishop of
Guthrie of Craigiebank, Lord (XB)

Hall of Birkenhead, Tony, Lord (XB)
Hameed, Khalid, Lord (XB)
Hamilton of Epsom, Archibald, Lord (Con)
Hamwee, Sally, Baroness (Dem)
Hanham, Joan, Baroness (Con)
Hannay of Chiswick, David, Lord (XB)
Hanningfield, Paul White, Lord (Other)
Hanworth, Viscount of (Lab)
Hardie, Andrew, Lord (XB)
Harries of Pentregarth, Richard, Lord (XB)
Harris of Haringey, Toby, Lord (Lab)
Harris of Peckham, Philip, Lord (Con)
Harris of Richmond, Angela, Baroness (Dem)
Harrison, Lyndon, Lord (Lab)
Hart of Chilton, Gary, Lord (Lab)
Haskel, Simon, Lord (Lab)
Haskins, Christopher, Lord (XB)
Hastings of Scarisbrick, Michael, Lord (XB)
Hattersley, Roy, Lord (Lab)
Haworth, Alan, Lord (Lab)
Hayhoe, Barney, Lord (Con)
Hayman, Helene, Baroness (XB)
Hayter of Kentish Town, Dianne, Baroness (Lab)
Healey, Denis, Lord (Lab)
Healy of Primrose Hill, Anna, Baroness (Lab)
Henig, Ruth, Baroness (Lab)
Henley, Oliver, Lord (Con)
Hennessy of Nympsfield, Peter, Lord (XB)
Hereford, Bishop of
Heseltine, Michael, Lord (Con)
Heyhoe Flint, Rachael, Baroness (Con)
Higgins, Terence, Lord (Con)
Hill of Oareford, Jonathan, Lord (Con)
Hilton of Eggardon, Jennifer, Baroness (Lab)
Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, Robin, Lord (Con)
Hoffmann, Leonard, Lord (XB)
Hogg, Sarah, Baroness (XB)
Hollick, Clive, Lord (Lab)
Hollins, Sheila, Baroness (XB)
Hollis of Heigham, Patricia, Baroness (Lab)
Home, David, Earl of (Con)
Hooper, Gloria, Baroness (Con)
Howard of Lympne, Michael, Lord (Con)
Howard of Rising, Greville, Lord (Con)
Howarth of Breckland, Valerie, Baroness (XB)
Howarth of Newport, Alan, Lord (Lab)
Howe, Frederick, Earl (Con)
Howe of Aberavon, Geoffrey, Lord (Con)
Howe of Idlicote, Elspeth, Baroness (XB)
Howell of Guildford, David, Lord (Con)
Howells of St Davids, Rosalind, Baroness (Lab)
Howie of Troon, William, Lord (Lab)
Hoyle, Douglas, Lord (Lab)
Hughes of Stretford, Beverley, Baroness (Lab)
Hughes of Woodside, Robert, Lord (Lab)
Hunt of Chesterton, Julian, Lord (Lab)
Hunt of Kings Heath, Philip, Lord (Lab)
Hunt of Wirral, David, Lord (Con)
Hurd of Westwell, Douglas, Lord (Con)
Hussain, Qurban, Lord (Dem)
Hussein-Ece, Meral, Baroness (Dem)
Hutton of Furness, John, Lord (Lab)
Hutton, Brian, Lord (XB)
Hylton, Raymond, Lord (XB)

Imbert, Peter, Lord (XB)
Inge, Peter, Lord (XB)
Inglewood, William Fletcher-Vane, Lord (Con)
Irvine of Lairg, Alexander, Lord (Lab)

Jacobs, Anthony, Lord (Other)
James of Blackheath, David, Lord (Con)
James of Holland Park, Phyllis, Baroness (Con)
Janner of Braunstone, Greville, Lord (Lab)
Janvrin, Robin, Lord (XB)
Jay of Ewelme, Michael, Lord (XB)
Jay of Paddington, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Jenkin of Kennington, Anne, Baroness (Con)
Jenkin of Roding, Patrick, Lord (Con)
Joffe, Joel, Lord (Lab)
Jolly, Judith, Baroness (Dem)
Jones, Barry, Lord (Lab)
Jones of Birmingham, Digby, Lord (XB)
Jones of Cheltenham, Nigel, Lord (Dem)
Jones of Whitchurch, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Jopling, Michael, Lord (Con)
Jordan, William, Lord (Lab)
Judd, Frank, Lord (Lab)

Kakkar, Ajay, Lord (XB)
Kalms, Harold, Lord (Other)
Kennedy of Southwark, Roy, Lord (Lab)
Kennedy of The Shaws, Helena, Baroness (Lab)
Kerr of Kinlochard, John, Lord (XB)
Kestenbaum, Jonathan, Lord (Lab)
Kidron, Baroness (XB)
Kilclooney, John, Lord (XB)
Kimball, Marcus Richard, Lord (Con)
King of Bow, Oona, Baroness (Lab)
King of Bridgwater, Thomas, Lord (Con)
Kingsmill, Denise, Baroness (Lab)
Kinnock, Neil, Lord (Lab)
Kinnock of Holyhead, Glenys, Baroness (Lab)
Kirkham, Graham, Lord (Con)
Kirkhill, John, Lord (Lab)
Kirkwood of Kirkhope, Archibald, Lord (Dem)
Knight of Collingtree, Jill, Baroness (Con)
Knight of Weymouth, Jim, Lord (Lab)
Knights, Philip, Lord (XB)
Kramer, Susan, Baroness (Dem)
Krebs, John, Lord (XB)

Laird, John, Lord (Other)
Laming, Herbert, Lord (XB)
Lamont of Lerwick, Norman, Lord (Con)
Lane-Fox of Soho, Baroness (XB)
Lang of Monkton, Ian, Lord (Con)
Lawson of Blaby, Nigel, Lord (Con)
Layard, Peter, Lord (Lab)
Lea of Crondall, David, Lord (Lab)
Leach of Fairford, Rodney, Lord (Con)
Lee of Trafford, John, Lord (Dem)
Leicester, Bishop of
Leitch, Alexander, Lord (Lab)
Lester of Herne Hill, Anthony, Lord (Dem)
Levene of Portsoken, Peter, Lord (XB)
Levy, Michael, Lord (Lab)
Lewis of Newnham, Jack, Lord (XB)
Lexden, Alistair, Lord (Con)
Lichfield, Bishop of
Liddell of Coatdyke, Helen, Baroness (Lab)
Liddle, Roger, Lord (Lab)
Lindsay, James, Earl of (Con)
Lingfield, Robert, Lord (Con)
Linklater of Butterstone, Veronica, Baroness (Dem)
Lipsey, David, Lord (Lab)
Lister of Burtersett, Ruth, Baroness (Lab)
Listowel, Francis, Earl of (XB)
Liverpool, Bishop of
Liverpool, Edward, Earl of (Con)
Lloyd of Berwick, Anthony, Lord (XB)
Lloyd-Webber, Andrew, Lord (Con)
London, Richard, Bishop of
Loomba, Raj, Lord (Dem)
Lothian, Michael Ancram, Marquess of (Con)
Low of Dalston, Colin, Lord (XB)
Lucas, Ralph, Lord (Con)
Luce, Richard, Lord (XB)
Luke, Arthur, Lord (Con)
Lyell, Charles, Lord (Con)
Lytton, Earl (XB)

McAvoy, Thomas, Lord (Lab)
McCluskey, John, Lord (XB)
McColl of Dulwich, Ian, Lord (Con)
McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Jack, Lord (Lab)
McDonagh, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Macdonald of River Glaven, Kenneth, Lord (Dem)
Macdonald of Tradeston, Angus, Lord (Lab)
McFall of Alcluith, John, Lord (Lab)
Macfarlane of Bearsden, Norman, Lord (Con)
MacGregor of Pulham Market, John, Russell, Lord (Con)
McIntosh of Hudnall, Genista, Baroness (Lab)
Mackay of Clashfern, James, Lord (Con)
MacKenzie of Culkein, Hector, Lord (Lab)
Mackenzie of Framwellgate, Brian, Lord (Lab)
McKenzie of Luton, William, Lord (Lab)
MacLaurin of Knebworth, Ian, Lord (Con)
Maclennan of Rogart, Robert, Lord (Dem)
McNally, Tom, Lord (Dem)
Maddock, Diana, Baroness (Dem)
Magan of Castletown, George, Lord (Con)
Maginnis of Drumglass, Kenneth, Lord (Other)
Mallalieu, Ann, Baroness (Lab)
Malloch-Brown, Mark, George, Lord (XB)
Mancroft, Benjamin, Lord (Con)
Mandelson, Peter, Lord (Lab)
Manningham-Buller, Eliza, Baroness (XB)
Mar and Kellie, James, Earl of (Dem)
Mar, Margaret, Countess of (XB)
Marks of Henley-on-Thames, Jonathan, Lord (Dem)
Marland, Jonathan, Lord (Con)
Marlesford, Mark, Lord (Con)
Martin of Springburn, Michael, Lord (XB)
Masham of Ilton, Susan Cunliffe-Lister, Baroness (XB)
Massey of Darwen, Doreen, Baroness (Lab)
Mawhinney, Brian, Lord (Con)
Mawson, Andrew, Lord (XB)
Maxton, John, Lord (Lab)
May of Oxford, Robert, Lord (XB)
Mayhew of Twysden, Patrick, Lord (Con)
Meacher, Molly, Baroness (XB)
Methuen, Robert, Lord (Dem)
Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Susan, Baroness (Dem)
Miller of Hendon, Doreen, Baroness (Con)
Mitchell, Parry, Lord (Lab)
Mogg, John, Lord (XB)
Monks, John, Lord (Lab)
Montagu of Beaulieu, Edward, Lord (Con)
Montgomery of Alamein, David, Viscount (XB)
Montrose, James, Duke of (Con)
Moonie, Lewis, Lord (Lab)
Moore of Lower Marsh, John, Lord (Con)
Moran, John, Lord (XB)
Morgan, Kenneth, Lord (Lab)
Morgan of Drefelin, Delyth, Baroness (XB)
Morgan of Ely, Eluned, Baroness (Lab)
Morgan of Huyton, Sally, Baroness (Lab)
Morris of Aberavon, John, Lord (Lab)
Morris of Bolton, Patricia, Baroness (Con)
Morris of Handsworth, William, Lord (Lab)
Morris of Yardley, Estelle, Baroness (Lab)
Morrow, Maurice, Lord (Other)
Moser, Claus, Lord (XB)
Moynihan, Colin, Lord (Con)
Murphy, Elaine, Baroness (XB)
Myners, Paul, Lord (Lab)

Naseby, Michael, Lord (Con)
Nash of Ewelme, John, Lord (Con)
Neill of Bladen, Patrick, Lord (XB)
Neuberger, Julia, Baroness (XB)
Neville-Jones, Pauline, Baroness (Con)
Newby, Richard, Lord (Dem)
Newcastle, John, Bishop of
Newlove, Helen, Baroness (Con)
Nicholls of Birkenhead, Donald, Lord (XB)
Nicholson of Winterbourne, Emma, Baroness (Dem)
Nickson, David Wigley, Lord (XB)
Noakes, Shelia, Baroness (Con)
Noon, Gulam, Lord (Lab)
Northbourne, Christopher,Walter, Lord (XB)
Northbrook, Francis, Lord (Con)
Northover, Lindsay, Baroness (Dem)
Norton of Louth, Philip, Lord (Con)
Norwich, Bishop of
Nye, Sue, Baroness (Lab)

Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, Matthew, Lord (Dem)
O’Cathain, Detta, Baroness (Con)
O’Donnell, Lord (XB)
O’Loan, Nuala, Baroness (XB)
O’Neill of Bengarve, Onora, Baroness (XB)
O’Neill of Clackmannan, Martin, Lord (Lab)
Oppenheim-Barnes, Sally, Baroness (Con)
Ouseley, Herman, Lord (XB)
Owen, David, Lord (XB)
Oxburgh, Ronald, Lord (XB)
Oxford, Bishop of

Paisley of St George’s, Eileen, Baroness (Other)
Palmer, Adrian, Lord (XB)
Palmer of Childs Hill, Monroe, Lord (Dem)
Palumbo, Peter, Lord (Con)
Pannick, David, Lord (XB)
Parekh, Bhikhu, Lord (Lab)
Parkinson, Cecil, Lord (Con)
Parminter, Kathryn, Baroness (Dem)
Patel, Narendra, Lord (XB)
Patel of Blackburn, Adam, Lord (Lab)
Patel of Bradford, Kamlesh, Lord (Lab)
Patten, John, Lord (Con)
Patten of Barnes, Christopher, Lord (XB)
Paul, Swraj, Lord (Other)
Pearson of Rannoch, Malcolm, Lord (Other)
Peel, William, Earl (XB)
Pendry, Thomas, Lord (Lab)
Perry of Southwark, Pauline, Baroness (Con)
Peston, Maurice, Lord (Lab)
Phillips of Sudbury, Andrew, Lord (Dem)
Phillips of Worth Matravers, Nicholas, Lord (XB)
Pitkeathley, Jill, Baroness (Lab)
Plant of Highfield, Raymond, Lord (Lab)
Plumb, Henry, Lord (Con)
Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Frederick, Lord (Lab)
Popat, Dolar, Lord (Con)
Powell of Bayswater, Charles, Lord (XB)
Prashar, Usha, Baroness (XB)
Prescott, John, Lord (Lab)
Prosser, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Puttnam, David, Lord (Lab)

Quin, Joyce, Baroness (Lab)
Quirk, Randolph, Lord (XB)

Radice, Giles, Lord (Lab)
Ramsay of Cartvale, Meta, Baroness (Lab)
Ramsbotham, David, Lord (XB)
Rana, Diljit, Lord (XB)
Randerson, Jenny, Baroness (Dem)
Rawlings, Patricia, Baroness (Con)
Razzall, Edward, Lord (Dem)
Rea, Nicolas, Lord (Lab)
Redesdale, Rupert, Lord (Dem)
Rees of Ludlow, Martin, Lord (XB)
Reid of Cardowan, John, Lord (Lab)
Rendell of Babergh, Ruth, Baroness (Lab)
Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, Colin, Lord (Con)
Rennard, Christopher, Lord (Dem)
Renton of Mount Harry, Timothy, Lord (Con)
Renwick of Clifton, Robin, Lord (XB)
Ribeiro, Bernard, Lord (Con)
Richard, Ivor, Lord (Lab)
Richardson of Calow, Kathleen, Baroness (XB)
Ridley, Viscount (Con)
Ripon and Leeds, Bishop of
Risby, Richard, Lord (Con)
Rix, Brian, Lord (XB)
Roberts of Conwy, Wyn, Lord (Con)
Roberts of Llandudno, Roger, Lord (Dem)
Robertson of Port Ellen, George, Lord (Lab)
Rodgers of Quarry Bank, William, Lord (Dem)
Rogan, Dennis, Lord (Other)
Rogers of Riverside, Richard, Lord (Lab)
Rooker, Jeffrey, Lord (Other)
Roper, John, Lord (Dem)
Rosser, Richard, Lord (Lab)
Rosslyn, Peter St Claire-Erskine, Earl of (XB)
Rotherwick, Robin Cayzer, Lord (Con)
Rowe-Beddoe, David, Lord (XB)
Rowlands, Ted, Lord (Lab)
Royall of Blaisdon, Janet, Baroness (Lab)
Ryder of Wensum, Richard, Lord (Con)

Saatchi, Maurice, Lord (Con)
Sacks, Jonathan, Lord (XB)
Sainsbury of Turville, David, Lord (Lab)
St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, Bishop of
St John of Bletso, Anthony, Lord (XB)
Saltoun of Abernethy, Flora, Lady (XB)
Sanderson of Bowden, Russell, Lord (Con)
Sandwich, John, Earl of (XB)
Sassoon, James, Lord (Con)
Saville of Newdigate, Mark, Lord (XB)
Sawyer, Lawrence, Lord (Lab)
Scotland of Asthal, Patricia, Baroness (Lab)
Scott of Foscote, Richard, Lord (XB)
Scott of Needham Market, Rosalind, Baroness (Dem)
Seccombe, Joan, Baroness (Con)
Selborne, John Palmer, Earl of (Con)
Selkirk of Douglas, James, Lord (Con)
Selsdon, Malcolm, Lord (Con)
Sewel, John, Lord (Other)
Shackleton of Belgravia, Fiona, Baroness (Con)
Sharkey, John, Lord (Dem)
Sharman, Colin, Lord (Dem)
Sharp of Guildford, Margaret, Baroness (Dem)
Sharples, Pamela, Baroness (Con)
Shaw of Northstead, Michael, Lord (Con)
Sheikh, Mohamed, Lord (Con)
Sheldon, Robert, Lord (Lab)
Shephard of Northwold, Gillian, Baroness (Con)
Sheppard of Didgemere, Allen, Lord (Con)
Sherlock, Maeve, Baroness (Lab)
Shipley, John, Lord (Dem)
Shrewsbury and Waterford, Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, Earl of (Con)
Shutt of Greetland, David, Lord (Dem)
Simon, Jan, Viscount (Lab)
Singh of Wimbledon, Lord (XB)
Skelmersdale, Roger Bootle-Wilbraham, Lord (Con)
Skidelsky, Robert, Lord (XB)
Slim, John, Viscount (XB)
Smith of Basildon, Angela, Baroness (Lab)
Smith of Clifton, Trevor, Lord (Dem)
Smith of Finsbury, Christopher, Lord (Other)
Smith of Gilmorehill, Elizabeth, Baroness (Lab)
Smith of Kelvin, Robert, Lord (XB)
Smith of Leigh, Peter, Lord (Lab)
Snape, Peter, Lord (Lab)
Soley, Clive, Lord (Lab)
Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, Lawson, Lord (Con)
Spicer, Michael, Lord (Con)
Stair, John Dalyrmple, Earl of (XB)
Stedman-Scott, Deborah, Baroness (Con)
Steel of Aikwood, David, Lord (Dem)
Stephen, Nicol, Lord (Dem)
Sterling of Plaistow, Jeffrey, Lord (Con)
Stern, Vivien, Baroness (XB)
Stern of Brentford, Nicholas, Lord (XB)
Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, John, Lord (XB)
Stevens of Ludgate, David, Lord (Other)
Stevenson of Balmacara, Wilf, Lord (Lab)
Stevenson of Coddenham, Dennis, Lord (XB)
Stewartby, Ian, Lord (Con)
Steyn, Johan, Lord (XB)
Stirrup, Jock, Lord (XB)
Stoddart of Swindon, David, Lord (Other)
Stone of Blackheath, Andrew, Lord (Lab)
Stoneham of Droxford, Ben, Lord (Dem)
Storey, Michael, Lord (Dem)
Stowell of Beeston, Tina, Baroness (Con)
Strasburger, Paul, Lord (Dem)
Strathclyde, Thomas Galbraith, Lord (Con)
Sugar, Alan, Lord (Lab)
Sutherland of Houndwood, Stewart, Lord (XB)
Swinfen, Roger, Lord (Con)
Symons of Vernham Dean, Elizabeth, Baroness (Lab)

Tanlaw, Simon, Lord (XB)
Taverne, Dick, Lord (Dem)
Taylor of Blackburn, Thomas, Lord (Lab)
Taylor of Bolton, Ann, Baroness (Lab)
Taylor of Goss Moor, Matthew, Lord (Dem)
Taylor of Holbeach, John, Lord (Con)
Taylor of Warwick, John, Lord (Other)
Tebbit, Norman, Lord (Con)
Temple-Morris, Peter, Lord (Lab)
Tenby, William Lloyd-George, Viscount (XB)
Teverson, Robin, Lord (Dem)
Thomas of Gresford, Martin, Lord (Dem)
Thomas of Swynnerton, Hugh, Lord (XB)
Thomas of Walliswood, Susan, Baroness (Dem)
Thomas of Winchester, Celia, Baroness (Dem)
Thornton, Glenys, Baroness (Lab)
Tombs, Francis, Lord (XB)
Tomlinson, John, Lord (Lab)
Tonge, Jenny, Baroness (Dem)
Tope, Graham, Lord (Dem)
Tordoff, Geoffrey, Lord (Dem)
Touhig, Don, Lord (Lab)
Trees, Lord (XB)
Trefgarne, David, Lord (Con)
Trenchard, Hugh, Viscount (Con)
Triesman, David, Lord (Lab)
Trimble, David, Lord (Con)
True, Nicholas, Lord (Con)
Trumpington, Jean, Baroness (Con)
Truro, Bishop of
Truscott, Peter, Lord (Other)
Tugendhat, Christopher, Lord (Con)
Tunnicliffe, Denis, Lord (Lab)
Turnberg, Leslie, Lord (Lab)
Turnbull, Andrew, Lord (XB)
Turner of Camden, Muriel, Baroness (Lab)
Turner of Ecchinswell, Adair, Lord (XB)
Tyler, Paul, Lord (Dem)
Tyler of Enfield, Claire, Baroness (Dem)

Uddin, Pola, Baroness (Other)
Ullswater, Nicholas Lowther, Viscount (Con)

Valentine, Jo, Baroness (XB)
Vallance of Tummel, Iain, Lord (Dem)
Verma, Sandip, Baroness (Con)
Vinson, Nigel, Lord (Con)

Waddington, David, Lord (Con)
Wade of Chorlton, Oulton, Lord (Con)
Wakefield, Bishop of
Wakeham, John, Lord (Con)
Waldegrave of North Hill, William, Lord (Con)
Walker of Aldringham, Michael, Lord (XB)
Walker of Gestingthorpe, Robert, Lord (XB)
Wall of New Barnet, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Wallace of Saltaire, William, Lord (Dem)
Wallace of Tankerness, James, Lord (Dem)
Walmsley, Joan, Baroness (Dem)
Walpole, Robin, Lord (XB)
Walton of Detchant, John, Lord (XB)
Warner, Norman, Lord (Lab)
Warnock, Mary, Baroness (XB)
Warsi, Sayeeda, Baroness (Con)
Warwick of Undercliffe, Diana, Baroness (Lab)
Wasserman, Gordon, Lord (Con)
Watson of Invergowrie, Michael, Lord (Lab)
Watson of Richmond, Alan, Lord (Dem)
Waverley, John, Viscount (XB)
Wei, Nathaniel Ming-Yan, Lord (Con)
Weidenfeld, George, Lord (XB)
West of Spithead, Admiral Sir Alan, Lord (Lab)
Wheatcroft, Patience, Baroness (Con)
Wheeler, Margaret, Baroness (Lab)
Whitaker, Janet, Baroness (Lab)
Whitty, Larry, Lord (Lab)
Wigley, Dafydd, Lord (Other)
Wilcox, Judith, Baroness (Con)
Wilkins, Rosalie, Baroness (Lab)
Williams of Baglan, Michael, Lord (XB)
Williams of Crosby, Shirley, Baroness (Dem)
Williams of Elvel, Charles, Lord (Lab)
Williams of Oystermouth, Lord (XB)
Williamson of Horton, David, Lord (XB)
Willis of Knaresborough, Phil, Lord (Dem)
Willoughby De Broke, David Verney, Lord (Other)
Wills, Michael, Lord (Lab)
Wilson of Dinton, Richard, Lord (XB)
Wilson of Tillyorn, David, Lord (XB)
Winchester, Bishop of
Winston, Robert, Lord (Lab)
Wolfson of Aspley Guise, Simon, Lord (Con)
Wolfson of Sunningdale, David, Lord (Con)
Wood of Anfield, Stewart, Lord (Lab)
Woolf, Harry, Lord (XB)
Woolmer of Leeds, Kenneth, Lord (Lab)
Worcester, Bishop of
Worthington, Bryony, Baroness (Lab)
Wright of Richmond, Patrick, Lord (XB)

York, Archbishop of
Young of Graffham, David, Lord (Con)
Young of Hornsey, Lola, Baroness (XB)
Young of Norwood Green, Anthony, Lord (Lab)
Young of Old Scone, Barbara, Baroness (Other)
Younger of Leckie, James, Viscount (Con)

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